Free Survival Summit

This looks to be a pretty cool event…

Big news for all my followers:

Registration for the upcoming Survival Summit that’s taking place 100% online this coming January 20-26th is now LIVE!

And I’ve got FREE TICKETS for you!

So you can join me and watch video interviews with more than 25 experts who will be speaking on topics of survival and
self-reliance for six days straight…

… Giving you over 30+ hours of practical, no BS training to help
guide your journey to MASTERY of the survival skills you’ll need
to keep your family alive, safe, and fed during a collapse.

Just to give you a taste, presentations will include:

* Training Your Mind To Think Clearly In Life Or Death Scenarios
* How To Escape From Unlawful Restraint & Evade Capture
* How To Fortify Your Property & Home Against Looters
* Repelling Armed Gangs With Just 2 Men
* How To Grow All Your Own Food – Without Irrigation!
* Locating The Perfect Survival Retreat Or Homestead
* Off-The-Grid Cooking & Food Preservation Solutions
* How To Grow Enough Food To Feed 22 Adults Per Year
* How To Make Your Own Biodiesel When Fuel Pumps Go Down
* Surviving In An Urban Environment After The Collapse
* Building Off-Grid Water & Energy Systems
* Treating Injuries When The Paramedics Aren’t Coming

… And I’m just skimming the surface here.

Honestly, this is the first online event of its kind, and I can already
see, with the caliber of speakers the Womach brothers, Chet & Dave,
have lined up, attending this event is going to feel like trying to
drink from a fire hose.

With over 25 presenters speaking for 30+ hours, this seminar
would easily cost you $3,000 to $6,000+ to attend live, in a city
like Las Vegas.

But since it’s 100% online, you can get FREE TICKETS here:

The catch is, to attend, you *must* pre-register.  Only those
people who have signed up on this page will receive the detailed
info on how and where to attend the Summit.

Remember:  every single one of us has weaknesses.

And if you’re weak or make mistakes in any of these key areas:

1. Your property security
2. Your water, energy, & fuel systems
3. Your self-reliant food production & storage plans

… You can leave your family *highly* vulnerable in a crisis.
So I encourage you to take advantage of this unusual opportunity
to learn from these 25 survival MASTERS.

Join me at the Survival Summit, starting Monday, January 20th.

Again, get your free tickets here:

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