What if SHTF Never Happens?

twd-key-art-560I’m constantly asked “What if you prep and nothing ever happens?” or “What if SHTF Never Happens?”

Would it all be a waste?

What if SHTF Never Happens?

“What if you prep and nothing ever happens? Would it all be a waste?”

My Answer to that question is “Not at all”

Preparedness is wise. Tough times happen all the time.

For example, If you change jobs, many times they hold your paycheck for a payroll cycle or two.

Missing a regular paycheck or two, is not a life threatening situation, but it’s nice to know that you have food, avoiding that grocery expense, until the money starts flowing again.

That’s just one example of how prepping has helped my family out already. I dipped into our food stash when times were tough. It wasn’t the end of the world, but it sure made a big difference.

Being a prepper, reintroduced my family to outdoor activities, like hiking and camping. We’re getting exercise, learning about nature and just having fun.

Prepping has also led me to learn and become more self sufficient.  I’m raising food (getting better every year), trying to buy meat and eggs from local farmers and trying to be healthier!

Prepping has lead me to learn skills that are almost forgotten in this day and age. I’ve learned dutch oven cooking, farming, basket weaving (kinda), depression era recipes, etc.

In essence we are relearning and passing on the soon-to-be-lost skills, from the old days. This is all valuable knowledge, that we are cataloging! We’re all preserving heritage, if you will.

Hopefully we’ll pass these skills to our children and they will be able to provide for themselves and pass on these same skills.

What if SHTF Never Happens? If the S never HTF, will all this prepping have been a waste.

“Not at all”

What if SHTF Never Happens? – Geek Prepper

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