WaterBrick for Ammo Storage

WaterBrick AmmoWaterBrick containers are the 21st century ammo can for all types of ammunition. These containers don’t sweat like traditional metal ammo cans and feature a notched lid with full gasket for an air tight seal.


Air-Tight Seal: Keep your powder dry! Notched design allows for an easy to open lid while the heavy duty full gasket provides a tight seal

Ultra Violet Protectant: Non-bio degradable material extends the life of the container up to 15 years or longer .

Durable: Made out of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic with an Ultra Violet (UV) additive

Lighter Carrying Weight: The all plastic design of our half and standard size WaterBricks (1.17 lbs and 2.52 lbs respectively) is less added weight than the standard 50 caliber Ammo Cans (6.8 lbs) on the market:

Comfortable Carrying Handle: For easy portability. The handle can be detached for long-term ammo storage purposes.

Easy Interlocking Technology: The conical supports inside a Waterbrick allow enough support to stack them 4 feet high in your home or garage. The easy interlocking technology decreases the chance of stacks tipping over more than traditional ammo cans if a disaster would occur.

“A Very Useful & Versatile Product.”

Review by Askbart – 8/19/2011

“Not only is this a great product for water, but also for any bulk item; food and other life essential items. It is water tight as well as airtight. They can hold over 100 pounds of any item that will fit. Their wide opening makes filling and emptying quite convenient. They are so sturdy; they even make buildings out of them, hence the name, “WaterBrick”. The inventor & owner of “WaterBrick” is also a great humanitarian. He has given thousands of these “Bricks” to the Haitians and they are used around the world in various humanitarian efforts. You cannot go wrong with these items.”

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