EDC Story–The Humble Notebook and Pen

The post is actually for a contest submission over at  The Modern Survivalist, one of my favorite blog sites.  In a previous post I went over my complete EDC.

closedMy humble notebook and pen did not save me from a hoard of zombies or protect me from a North Korean nuke but it has saved me some time, gas money, and maybe even the wrath of an upset wife.  Let me explain.

We have been working on some home improvements and I have been making notes and measurements and recording them in my EDC notebook.  These improvements have consisted of several different projects (roof, siding, gutters, etc.)  The materials for these projects have been figured and purchased at different times.  The trip to the home improvement store where we have purchased the materials for these projects is about 15 miles 1 way and usually consumes a few hours and much of my patience.

The way that my humble notebook and pen have saved me some time, gas, and grief is that notes that I have made for some of the other projects have come it handy when we are at the store figuring, re-figuring, ordering parts and materials for these projects.  For example; when we where ordering gutters I was figuring that the gutters would come it precut section lengths like 10 or 12 feet so I just rough measured what I needed.

openWhen we got to the store to order the gutters I found that you can order them in exact lengths.  If I would not have had my notebook with the exact lengths in it from measuring for steel roofing it would have been a wasted trip and the little lady with me would have been very upset.  I just flipped to the page in my notebook with the roof measurements and SHTF was avoided that day.

The moral if the story?  If you EDC items are geared for the TEOTWAWKI but not every day, they will become more of a burden than an asset.

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