Budget Minded EDC Pocket Dump

EDC pocket dumps seem to be the cool thing so here is mine.  It is not sexy but it works.  These are the things that I carry on my person only.  I have built up this EDC with budget in mind.  I do not have the money for expensive flashlights and knives especially when I usually have backups to these handy.  I have found these to be of acceptable quality for the price and purpose.   I have a bag with computer and many other essentials most of the time.

EDC Pocket Dump

  • Car Keys
  • Firstline composition notebook (3/$1 somewhere)
  • lunch time multivitamin
  • some cash and change (sometimes)
  • Swiss army knife (shamrock added by my daughter)
  • Energizer® Micro LED Keychain Light – 14 lumens ($7.99 at ShopKo)
  • Chapstick – Free from the dentist office
  • Lorus Sports watch with replacement Velcro wrist band (free from a friend)
  • TAC-Force Speedster Model spring assist folder ($10 at a local gun show)
  • DROID Razor HD (not pictured)

Things I hope to add without loading down my pockets to much more:

    • CCW firearm when Illinois decides to honor the US and Illinois State Constitution (don’t get me started)
    • A bit of 550 para-cord
    • some sort of mini fire steel or disposable lighter
    • Maybe a tactical pen of some sort if I can find one that is comfortable to carry and not break the bank

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