2012-06-09 – Makeshift Shelters Class

imageWhether you consider it part of the 3 basics of survival (Food, Water, Shelter) or the โ€œ5 Cโ€™ of survivability (Cutting Tool, Container, Combustion, Cover, Cordage), being able to construct a makeshift shelter in an emergency situation can be quite literally a matter of life and death.

Preppers Anonymous will be hosting a Makeshift Shelter Class on June 9th at 4pm.ย  Our friend Dan will be sharing his knowledge of building makeshift shelters.

Date: Saturday, June 9th

Time: 4pm


by Dan’s Body Shop

300 West Harlem Avenue,

Monmouth, IL 61462

Statistically, more people die of hypothermia in the outdoors than from anything else. Most cases happen in 50-degree weather.

imageBeing prepared to survive in the outdoors starts with knowing what to be prepared for. You can live days without water and weeks without food. People who donโ€™t survive in the outdoors most often die from losing their body heat, not necessarily from starvation or dehydration. You need to be able to start a fire. And perhaps most importantly, you need to be able to build a shelter to stave off wind, rain and snow, and to keep your body heat trapped where it belongs: near your body.

If you have any question please call 309-734-6717 or email sean@preppersanonymous.com

See you there!

facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/392078960830321/

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