12 Steps to Preparedness

Our 12 step plan revolves around the Three Facets of Prepping.  These three facets are:

  • Acquiring The Necessary Supplies
  • Learning Requisite Skills
  • Building A Community

One thing to make note of in our plan is that you can work on multiple steps at a time.  For example, steps 3 and 4 do not have to happen in order or one before the other.

Getting Started

1. Realize your need to become prepared
2. Make a plan tailored to you, your family, and you situation

Preparing for short-term emergencies

3. Make emergency kits
4. Get basic emergency skills
5. Personal and family security

Preparing for mid-term emergencies

6. 3 Months food & water
7. 3 Months consumable and non-consumable non-food items
8. Get financial house in order
9. Improve physical and mental heath

Preparing for long-term emergencies

10. Extended grid down preparedness
11. Build and practice advanced skills
12. Build a community of preparedness minded people


Preparing for Specific Events

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