Ebola Outbreak – Are you Ready to Shelter in Place?

You have to have been riding on a train across Central America for the last few days to be unaware of the latest Ebola threat in the news. Between people with illnesses crossing the border by the thousands daily and our flying infected people back here, you have to wonder … Continue reading

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EDC DIY Ebola Kit

What’s everyone think? Any suggestions? Comment below… In the light of Ebola in the USA I threw together an Ebola kit last night. 15 pack handy wipes 10ft duct tape and rubber bands Hand sanitizer Gallon size Ziploc bag 2 set of rubber gloves 2 face masks 2 small plastic … Continue reading

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Pandemic Preparedness

With the World Health Organization saying that the H7N9 bird flu virus is one the most lethal influenza strains ever identified.  Here is an article on preparing for pandemics. — by Tess Pennington – http://www.readynutrition.com Let’s cut to the chase, it is very difficult to prepare for epidemics and pandemics … Continue reading

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