On the Road Tire Repair

One of these and a small 12v air compressor in your trunk could the a life saver. “So if you don’t have a tire plug kit at your house already, just go to the store and spend five or six bucks. The job is dirt-simple, and I even did mine … Continue reading

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GHB & Vehicle Load-out

 Escape and Evade Vehicle Load-out Back, left to right — Extra clothes and food in water tight bag knee pads for working on the car.  Gravel roads are hard on the knees. old blanket Vehicle related emergency kit in the green tub newly added road flares Center front, top down … Continue reading

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Winterized GHB and Vehicle Emergency Kit

It seems that winter is full on around here so I hope all of you have adjusted your Get Home Bags (GHB) and your Vehicle Emergency Kits accordingly. Here are my winter additions and tune-up check lists. Winter Additions Collapsible shovel Thermal underwear / long johns Winter coveralls Winter gloves, … Continue reading

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