Roasting Meat on a Spit

Some good tips on cooking wild game over an open fire. “The practice of spit-roasting meat over an open fire goes back for at least 8,000 years, and probably much further than that. It’s cooking at its most primal — all you need is a hunk of meat, a stick, and … Continue reading

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Pharmacy Shelves Bare In Venezuela

Make sure you stock up on the meds you depend on. “My niece is very sick. We haven’t been able to locate the drug in pharmacies or in hospitals,” says Nelson Jaimes, who’s Chacón’s uncle and, coincidentally, a pharmacist. “We who are inside the pharma business can’t locate the products. What … Continue reading

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Brazilians hoard water, prepare for possible drastic rationing

SAO PAULO (Reuters) – Brazilians are hoarding water in their apartments, drilling homemade wells and taking other emergency measures to prepare for forced rationing that appears likely and could leave taps dry for up to five days a week because of a drought. In São Paulo, the country’s largest city … Continue reading

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