Protect Your Garden from Monsanto GMO Contamination

gmo-skull-crossbonesWith recent information coming to light on GMO seeds it is becoming more and more apparent that this issue of the adverse health effects of GMO food is very real.

The widespread contamination of U.S. corn, soybeans and other crops (Reuters: U.S. organic food industry fears GMO contamination)

More countries banning the use of GMO crops (Greenpeace: Germany bans Monsanto’s maize)

The public outcry against the health effects and practices of Monsanto starting to be heard (RT: Challenging Monsanto: Over two million march the streets of 436 cities, 52 countries)

Coupled with the possibilities of widespread contamination of the NON GMO crops we are looking at a SHTF event that would take years to recover from.

Just imagine if the entire United States had to stop using GMO seeds for corn and other staples of the American bread basket.  Do you think there is enough NON-GMO, NON-Monsanto seeds in existence to plant the entire crop of corn in the United States?  My guess is not.

Suppose there is.  Do you think you will be first in line to get seeds for your backyard garden?  For sure not.

Not even thinking about something that drastic, how do you know your garden is protected from GMO contamination?  If you harvest your seeds year to year what are you going to do if you find out you have a GMO contamination?

Personal “Seed Vault”

This is why you need a personal “Seed Vault”.  You think that sounds silly?  If so, why are all the world governments building massive seed vaults in remote locations?  (CNN: ‘Doomsday’ seed vault opens in Norway)  Like I said, you will not be first in line for these seeds.

Protect your family’s food supply with your own “Doomsday Seed Vault”.  Your seeds will be protected in a sealed double-lined steel #10 can.  The “vault” is coated on the outside so light, rust, moisture and oxygen stay out of the can.  The inside coating is a food-grade gold enamel called Epoxi-Fenolic Gold for metal cans and does NOT contain BPA!

This is the 3rd year we are planting these seeds in our garden and they are great.  I especially love the green beans!  We cook them, can them, and eat them straight from the garden.

Here is a list of the seeds contained in your seed vault

Can Contents

Contender Bush Bean seeds (2 envelopes – 226.8 g each)
Detroit Dark Red Beet seeds (7.087 g)
Golden Acre Cabbage seeds (1.984 g)
Scarlet Nantes Carrot seeds (7.087 g)
Golden Bantum 8 Corn seeds (113.4 g)
Straight Eight Cucumber seeds (1.984 g)
Salad Bowl Green Leaf Lettuce seeds (3.685 g)
Utah Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion seeds (1.984 g)
Green Arrow Pea seeds (2 envelopes – 226.8 g each)
Sweet Yolo Wonder L Pepper seeds (0.2 g)
Champion Radish seeds (9.355 g)
Boomsdale Long Standing Spinach seeds (7.087 g)
Zucchini Black Beauty Summer Squash seeds (1.984 g)
Sweet Meat Winter Squash (3.685 g)
Rutgers Tomato seeds (0.1 g)

Click here to ensure your protection from GMO contamination!

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