Good First Aid Kit Items

Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone evolved in the bombings in Boston yesterday. In light of this tragedy, below are some good, small, light weight items to have in a first aid kit, purse or backpack. All our First Aid Items can be fond here: First Aid Kits … Continue reading

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The anti-drone hoodie that helps you beat Big Brother’s spy in the sky

Maybe this should be your next BOB (Bug Out Bag) item? — Unmanned surveillance drones are a global concern, but designer Adam Harvey has concocted an outlandish solution. — … “The kind of person who would wear it really depends on what drones end up being used for. You can … Continue reading

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Camouflage Your AR-15 (or Other Black Rifle)

I think this will be an outside project for this spring when it warms up a bit more. — Let’s face it: your AR-15 (or other black rifle) has a very pronounced silhouette. You may have noticed that a big, black rifle sticks out like a pair of dog balls, … Continue reading

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