Day 4 and millions still without power, are you prepared?


Are your prepared for this kind of outage?

summer-storms_live_s640x426At this point the food in the refrigerator and freezer is starting to spoil.  The microwave, stove, oven, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer are all useless.  The AC has not been working and it is 100+ degrees.

Land line and cell phone service has been out or intermitted.  If the phones were working the 911 service was out for the first 48 hours. (911 “Total Failure” )

You may have not been able or willing to go to work so this weeks paycheck is going to be small whenever you are able to get paid again.

The streets are impassible because of the downed trees and traffic is a mess because the traffic lights are not working.  If you have been able to drive the car is getting low on gas and the gas stations are not able to pump and sell gas because there is no power or data communications.  If you can find some willing to sell you supplies you have no way to pay because you do not carry much cash on you.

It is the beginning of the month and your prescriptions need filled but the pharmacy is closed.

You have damage to your home and the repairman has no idea when he can get there.

Your TV and computer do not work and your iPod battery is going dead.

Some of your family has come to stay with you because there house was destroyed by a falling tree.

You have no idea how long this will last…

You thought this could never happened to you…

You thought the government would take care of you if something like this did happen…

Are you prepared?

Here is how to be: 12 Steps to Preparedness – Preppers Anonymous

Need shelf stable food? Check here: My Family is Prepared

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