2012-07-07 Emergency Backpack Preparedness Training

Emergency Backpack Preparedness Training

Time: Saturday, July 7th at 5 PM

Location: We will meet at the Countryside Bible Church parking lot: 824 – 245th Ave, Monmouth, ILfile_12_3

Are you prepared to evacuate your home at a moment’s notice? Due to the wild fires in Colorado, thousands of people have been forced to do just that. Although wild fires are not much of a concern in our area, one house fire could easily spread across a city block or neighborhood. Tornados, power outages, toxic chemical spills, or just being stranded in the middle of nowhere are all situations where having, AND KNOWING HOW TO USE, an Emergency Backpack could be a matter of life or death.

Preppers Anonymous will be holding a training class on stocking and using an Emergency Backpack. We will make sure we have all we need in an emergency backpack. A pack that is ready at a moment’s notice.

In this training we will practice building a shelter, starting a fire, purifying water, cooking a meal, and making sure you have all the supplies you would need in case of a real emergency, using only what is in your backpack.* As a bonus we will be taught about some local wild edibles and even have a chance to taste some that have been cooked.

A small hike thru a wooded area** will test and see how our backpacks ‘ride’ our bodies. It will be a gauge for each of us to see how far we think we can make it walking with all we’ve packed in our bags…

Questions?Call Sean or Kelly at 309-734-6717


facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/#!/events/368597969860262/

*Must provide your own backpack & supplies to participate in the training.  If you do not have your own, you can get one Here: http://myfamilyisprepared.shelfreliance.com/emergencykits

** The hike is optional. Don’t let it detour you from coming to the training.

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