2012-06-09 – Makeshift Shelters Class

imageWhether you consider it part of the 3 basics of survival (Food, Water, Shelter) or the “5 C’ of survivability (Cutting Tool, Container, Combustion, Cover, Cordage), being able to construct a makeshift shelter in an emergency situation can be quite literally a matter of life and death.

Preppers Anonymous will be hosting a Makeshift Shelter Class on June 9th at 4pm.  Our friend Dan will be sharing his knowledge of building makeshift shelters.

Date: Saturday, June 9th

Time: 4pm


by Dan’s Body Shop

300 West Harlem Avenue,

Monmouth, IL 61462

Statistically, more people die of hypothermia in the outdoors than from anything else. Most cases happen in 50-degree weather.

imageBeing prepared to survive in the outdoors starts with knowing what to be prepared for. You can live days without water and weeks without food. People who don’t survive in the outdoors most often die from losing their body heat, not necessarily from starvation or dehydration. You need to be able to start a fire. And perhaps most importantly, you need to be able to build a shelter to stave off wind, rain and snow, and to keep your body heat trapped where it belongs: near your body.

If you have any question please call 309-734-6717 or email sean@preppersanonymous.com

See you there!

facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/392078960830321/

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