Perimeter Options–Security

Here are some standard and non standard options for perimeter security…

Chain link or wood board – For those of us planning to shelter in place in a residential neighborhood, keeping a low profile could require sticking to something common.  They won’t give much in the way of cover or concealment, but they’ll slow down most Americans, as well as troublesome animals.


Thorny – Roses are a great choice for stopping power that doesn’t scream “I’m a Terrorist!” Rosa Rugosa is a great choice.  If you get a variety that naturalizes to your climate you can get a thick thorny hedge in a couple/few years.  If you really don’t care what the hedge looks like you can get some Holly or Berberis.  Like a good fence, prickly shrubs will repel animals too, as  long as there aren’t large gaps.


High ground – If your location has some  high ground, make sure you re properly taking advantage of it. Get a look out platform up there, if nothing else.  A shooting platform and communication back to the main house would be ideal.  I saw a setup this weekend that used multiple tree stands along the property line.


High tech – If you’ve got the money and tech savvy you can spring for some high tech security gear.  Laser perimeter “trip wires” that can trigger alarms and flood lights. Motion activated cameras with wireless feed back to a monitor. Night vision equipment.  You need to make sure you can install, maintain and fix  all of it though, because where are you going to find a technician after the SHTF?


Manpower – if you’ve got an abundance of responsible group members, you can set up a watch rotation. If there’s always someone alert and watching for trouble, invaders of all kinds can be quickly and calmly dealt with. Dogs or some other guard animal (donkey, peacocks, are there other good ones?) can be good to have around to help.


Has anyone had the perimeter conversation? Anyone using live fire or other lethal deterrents?  Better check your state laws regarding intruders and acceptable levels of violence against them.


If you’re doing something clever for your perimeter, let us know in  the comments, we’d love to hear about it.

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