“Grab-and-Go” Binder

Grab-n-Go Binder

Many emergencies displace families from their homes or make retrieval of important, personal documents difficult or impossible. Before a crisis hits, gather together your most important documents and store them in a three-ring binder. Use dividers to organize your papers; you can use the headings in my list or create your own. For the best protection of these documents, use plastic page protectors. As you assemble your binder, make copies of each document and, if possible, scan the documents so they can be stored on a portable zip drive or even a CD. Place one copy of your binder’s contents in a safety deposit box or store it with trusted friends or family members.

Financial Documents

  1. copies of the fronts and backs of debit/credit cards
  2. copies of property deeds and car titles
  3. names, addresses and phone numbers of all banks
  4. other important documents related to employment and/or a family business
  5. copies of your insurance policies (life, health, auto, homeowners, etc.)
  6. copy of car registrations and maintenance records
  7. name, address, and contact information for anyone who sends you a bill
  8. copies of savings bonds, stocks and bonds
  9. copy of statements from investment firms

Personal Documents – Organize starred items in sections for each family member

  1. names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of relatives and close friends
  2. pet vaccine records
  3. 2 copies of:
    • marriage license
    • birth certificates
    • drivers licenses
    • Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) permits
    • passports
    • Social Security cards
    • recent photos of each family member and each pet
    • military documents
    • diplomas and transcripts
    • resumes
    • immunization records

Household documents

  1. color photos of your house and each room in the house
  2. photos of anything of particular value
  3. Appraisals of valuable objects, such as art, jewelry, collectibles
  4. a list of firearm serial numbers
  5. Receipts for furniture, appliances, electronics, fitness equipment, and other larger, high ticket
  6. Copy of rent or lease agreement

Legal Documents

  1. legal documents pertaining to child custody or adoption
  2. legal documents related to a divorce
  3. copy of your will, living trust or family trust
  4. copies of both past and current, binding contracts
  5. names, addresses, and phone numbers of attorneys

Medical Documents

  1. copy of health insurance cards
  2. a list of blood types for each family member
  3. names, addresses and phone numbers of all doctors
  4. medical histories of each family member
  5. a list of current prescriptions, dosage, and pharmacy contact information
  6. copies of medical records and test results for anyone in the family with a significant health issue

source: http://thesurvivalmom.com/resources/downloadable-resources/

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